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Coming Together to Make A Difference

Blossom Garden of Alameda was founded in 1948 as a fundraising branch of Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland, and is part of the Children's Hospital Branches, Inc. UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland is Northern California's only independent not-for-profit regional medical center for children, and a premier teaching hospital with an outstanding pediatric residency program and a number of unique pediatric subspecialty fellowship programs.

History of the CHORI Branches

A nurse named Bertha Wright and a group of 16 women got together in 1912 to open a Baby Hospital in the East Bay. They began fundraising efforts immediately. The Hospital opened in 1914. Many families were unable to pay for services but were never turned away. Women from all over the county got involved and the "Branches" were formed so that women in the same geographical area could meet and raise money for the hospital. The Garden Branch of Alameda was founded in 1921 and the Blossom Branch of Alameda was founded in 1948 as a younger group of women. During the 60's both groups created "Junior" groups with their daughters and daughter-in-laws giving Alameda four groups who raised money for the hospital. In the 70's the two junior groups merged with Blossom to create Blossom Garden Junior. There is still a group of senior members called the Garden Branch of Alameda.

Blossom Garden's Annual Contributions

1997 - $7,000
1998 - $1,300
1999 - $19,600
2000 - $23,500
2001 - $17,000
2002 - $21,500
2003 - $28,000
2004 - $38,000
2005 - $45,000
2006 - $40,000
2007 - $42,000
2008 - $67,000
2009 - $45,000
2010 - $48,000
2011 - $55,000
2012 - $57,000
2013 - $16,400

In support of Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland
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